What Happens When You Get Whiplash?

There are tremendous forces in play when you get into a car accident. There are thousands of pounds of metal, plastic, rubber, and other materials bearing down at each other and when there is an impact, the consequences for anyone inside the vehicles can be profound.

Even a relatively slow speed of 6 MPH can cause some damage, especially when it comes to whiplash. It is critically important the driver adjusts the head rest for their height. That is what is going to protect your head when it snaps back after impact. In 2016 most vehicles are very safe since they have to go through rigorous testing before they go to market. Even if the manufacturers were not required to do this testing, they still would, because everyone else is doing it and they don’t want to be the only car maker that is known to be unsafe. A car’s safety rating is something they can brag about and they can advertise that they have one of the safest cars on the market.

However, even though cars are getting safer all the time and almost everyone wears their seatbelts and has airbags in their cars, accidents will always happen and injuries will occur. For chiropractors, car accident victims are a constant source of new patients and probably always will be. There are a number of treatments chiropractors use to treat these injuries and it is a very good option for your medical care if you are unfortunate enough to be injured in a car crash.

Here is a short video that demonstrates what happens to a real person that is in a car that is rear ended at only 6 MPH. Watch what happens to the women’s hair and head as she is hit. Then notice her facial expressions and you will see that this impact is not minor at all, and it is at a very slow speed. Imagine what would happen to her at 50 MPH or 70 MPH.

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