Preaching to a Freshly Converted Choir

I for one used to consider all alternative therapies and treatments as something that only a witch doctor would practice, and only the gullible would seek treatment from them.

Well not so much anymore since I decided to seek the services of a Chiropractor. Granted they are probably almost mainstream now with a clinic in every strip mall in North America, but it was a big decision for me. In my house when I was growing up you went to a medical doctor when there was something wrong and they had this God like aura about them like they were really something special. Well I guess they are to survive all those years of university, medical school then internships all without making much money. Anyway I now have several friends that are always singing the praises of chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, massage therapy, and all kinds of other natural techniques.

It was about 4 weeks ago that I injured my shoulder playing football in the local park with friends from work. I thought it would just get better on it’s own, but 2 weeks later it was still hurting and I had some seriously restricted movement in my right arm. Finally after much nagging from my friends, I made the phone call to the local Chiropractic office down the hill from my house. When I got there I was a little nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. The doctor, yes they are doctors, came and got me right away and brought me to an examination room where he asked me many questions about my injury and if it had ever happened before. He had me move my are through all possible ranges of motion and identified where the problem was. He said I had a frozen shoulder and that I would need to do several exercises twice a day for 2 weeks before I would get better.

I was a little skeptical but I thought to myself that I should give this an honest effort. I enthusiastically did the exercises exactly as he described for about 3 days. Then on about the fourth day I really started to notice a difference in the movement of my arm. I continued to do the exercises for the prescribed 2 weeks and was extremely happy to discover that my arm was almost 100%

I went back to the Chiropractor for my follow up visit and he just said everything looks good and that I didn’t need to come back. Wow, all that for $79.

Needless to say my friends are preaching to the choir now when they sing the praises of natural treatments.

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