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If you are the kind of person that subscribes to conspiracy theories, we have a video for you. There are a lot of reasons that modern medicine may not work as well as you might hope.

The first and biggest reason by far is the profit motivation in everything the medical industry does. It all starts at the big pharmaceutical companies where they make the prescription drugs. This is a multi billion dollar industry that operates with profits in mind and share holders to keep happy. If you really think about it, the numbers involved are amazing. Some prescription drugs cost hundreds of dollars for one pill and require a patient to take several every week. Multiply that by the number of people in the world that take some kind of drug and you get enormous amounts of money.

Have you ever wondered why modern science never seems to cure anything? Sure antibiotics can cure infections and are essential in their treatment, but other than a few more examples, most really bad conditions and diseases are not being cured. They are being managed. That’s right they are being treated with prescription drugs to manage a condition but never cure it. This ensures that the poor person that is afflicted is locked into paying for expensive drugs for the rest of their life.

It is this desire for profits that keeps the pharmaceutical companies from finding cures and pumping out new versions of the same drug to continue to manage the symptoms. They claim the new improved drug works better, but usually they are just renaming the same drug.

This video goes on at length on how the whole medical industry got started and how it all works.

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