How Do the Heart and Brain Work?

We have all heard stories or sayings such as “he died of a broken heart” or “she ripped his heart right out of his chest”. This is because we human beings have always associated our feelings, especially when it comes to love, with our heart. But is there any scientific proof of this connection, or is it just a myth that our hearts and minds are somehow tied together?

Heart breakMost medical doctors will probably tell you that they technically have nothing to do with each other, although they will acknowledge that emotions of any kind will and can cause your heart rate to speed up or slow down. Obviously the brain controls your central nervous system which is connected to your heart, so the question is very complicated and cannot be easily answered in black and white terms.

From a chiropractic perspective, we see the body as a whole and try to figure out the root causes of particular ailments. CRA or contact reflex analysis takes this a step further and looks for signals from the body as an analytical tool to find out what is going on and hopefully find the cause of the problem. In CRA, we look at the energy flow of the body and try to find points where the energy is interrupted which helps to pinpoint a cause of the ailment such as a particular organ like the liver or pancreas.

Doesn’t it make sense that we can diagnose the body by analyzing the flow of energy and pinpointing the problem much like you would with a flickering light. If you change the light bulb, and it doesn’t fix it, the problem must be somewhere else like the switch or the wiring. It does you no good to keep changing the light bulb, much the same as the fact that it does you no good to mask the pain of an ailment with drugs, when you should be treating the cause of the pain in the first place.

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