Alternative Therapies

For people who experience health issues such as pain, chronic fatigue, sinus troubles and other common maladies, a natural approach to healing can be beneficial. Shying away from traditional methods of treatment such as invasive surgery and potentially harmful pharmaceuticals is not only a less expensive way to cure yourself, it is safer and keeps you actively engaged in life. People looking for safe, effective ways to treat their health problems and improve their quality of life have a variety of alternative therapies to chose from and understanding what each therapy does can help you make more informed health care decisions. Acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage are just a few of the proven, popular, accessible alternative therapies you can try.

For people suffering with back pain, depression, chronic pain or fatigue, allergies and even joint pain, acupuncture offers relief. Based on centuries old knowledge of the body’s energy channels and the effect they have on total well being, licensed acupuncturists can help relieve blocked energy and restore the body’s energy balance. Once the body is in balance, pain levels are decreased and the body can begin to heal itself. Acupuncturists often prescribe medicinal herbs to be taken as teas, used as ointments or taken in capsule form to further the healing work and restore balance and harmony to the body. Unlike manufactured medications, these herbal remedies are all natural and will not cause unwanted side effects if used properly and under the guidance of a licensed acupuncturist.

For people who have endured years of chronic migraines, pinched nerves, hip problems and limited range of mobility, chiropractic care is one the leading alternative therapies for successful treatment of these conditions. Chiropractic healing arts practitioners can help realign your spine relieving pressure and pain while restoring a fuller range of motion. Chiropractic practitioners can also help patients who suffer with ringing in their ears, neck problems, knee problems and even sinus issues. Chiropractic care is completely safe for children making it the number one choice in alternative therapies for treating pain and nerve problems in children without drugs that may cause unwanted or damaging long term effects. In fact, in many preschools and schools where children suffer from hyper activity and attention disorders, chiropractic care is often recommended as a first course of action in treating and curing the issue. Often, chiropractic care can correct the issue and medication is not needed.

Massage is another effective alternative therapy to successfully treat pain and is extremely effective when used in conjunction with chiropractic care. After a chiropractic alignment and adjustment, a massage therapist can help keep your muscle fibers loose and prolong the effects of your adjustment. Massage is also a scientifically proven stress reliever and reducing stress levels can have a direct correlation on reducing perceived pain levels. Massage therapists will work with you to determine which massage techniques and forms are best for your situation and may even give you exercises and movements to perform at home. Massage sessions that include Craniosacral work can be particularly beneficial to people suffering with TMJ, migraines and neck problems.

Living with constant, chronic pain, nerve damage, fatigue, TMJ, sinus problems, migraines and other health problems diminishes your quality of life, but so can botched surgeries or drugs. Take control of your health and heal yourself naturally, effectively and safely with alternative therapies. Make a consultation appointment with a alternative therapy care provider today to see if they can help with your unique situation. With alternative therapies, you can reclaim your health and enjoy a renewed sense of well being and enjoyment out of life.

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